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Year of the Snake

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Year of Snake

Feng Shui of Year of Snake

February 4, 2013 marks the year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar. This change is based on a change in the cosmos and earth energies. The precise time of the change will be at exactly midnight (00:19 am) of February 4, 2013. The new cosmos energy is named Gui (癸), and the new earth energy is named as Si(巳).   According to Feng Shui, we call 2013 as the Year of Gui Si (癸巳). Gui and Si represents respectively a specific cosmos Qi and earth Qi. The year of the Snake is symbolic of Si. I will write a brief introduction about the Year of Gui Si in the next article, but many of you already know 2013 is the Year of Snake.

Just like traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Feng Shui is also based on the idea of adjusting and balancing Qi. The difference between traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Feng Shui is that the former is about adjusting the Qi in the human body, and the later is adjusting the Qi in our living environment. There is a lot of common knowledge shared between these two schools so traditional Chinese Medicine is a required class for Feng Shui students. I started to learn it when I was in high school.

Since the nature of Qi differs from year to year. We must adjust our lives in order to pursue good luck and avoid bad luck. Feng Shui experts write forecast for each zodiac sign every year. I am going to write a 2013 Feng Shui forecast for each zodiac sign soon.

My new website has been opened at www.fengshuifocus.com. This site has both an English version and a Chinese version. Readers may find out that my articles are different compared to other people’s articles. Not only do I write Feng Shui, but I also write about Chinese culture, philosophy, architecture, health science, etc. For the reader to find different articles more easily, I have created categories for my published blogs and articles.

I would like to thank all of you for reading my Feng Shui blogs since 2009. It is because of your support that I can continue to write about Feng Shui. In 2013, I will continue to introduce new Feng Shui tips into my articles.

I wish you all a happy, health and prosperous Year of the Snake!

Article by Lidong Yu

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