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Business Fengshui

E very business can be improved by applying my unique Enterprise Feng Shui theory, called Enterprise Behavior Feng Shui that focuses on adjusting and improving the efficiency of workers and the cooperation between colleagues.

In addition to applying regular Feng Shui adjustments such as Environment Feng Shui adjustments (also known as Xing Shi School or Form School) and Time Sensitive Feng Shui adjustments (also known as Li Qi School or Compass School), I pay a lot of attention to help the employees have appropriate Behavior Feng Shui. By applying my
Enterprise Behavior Feng Shui, a group of employees can gain more positive Qi, and improve the quality of the work place.

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Personal Fengshui

Personal Feng Shui (Ba Zi) is a school of thought that is based on logical reasoning. By reading a person’s personal Feng Shui, an experienced Chinese Feng Shui consultant can understand a client’s destiny. The consultant can thus help the client maximize his/her good fortune and avoid or minimize his/her bad luck.

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Residential Fengshui

The home is where a person’s destiny starts, and is also where a person lives, so the FengShui in a person’s home is the most important Feng Shui to consider. Apply the theory of the Five Energies Feng Shui Adjustments to improve your home’s positive Qi and experience more happiness and success.

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