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How Yearly Qi Impacts Your Fortune

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QiIn Feng Shui, each Chinese year represents a combination of a specific cosmos Qi and earth Qi. Chinese Feng Shui masters pay special attention to the changes in the cosmos Qi and earth Qi from year to year because of its impact on a person’s fortune. In 2013 it is the year of Gui Si (癸巳). Gui is the name of a specific cosmos Qi and Si is the name of a specific earth Qi.

In earlier articles I pointed out that each person carries unique personal Qi that controls his/her destiny. But In a person’s life, his/her luck is rarely constant because his/her personal Qi is also dynamically influenced by yearly combination of a specific cosmos Qi and earth Qi.

Let me share one of my Feng Shui cases to show you how yearly Qi impacts our lives:

2012 is the year of Ren Chen(壬辰), more commonly known as the year of the Dragon. Ren is the name of a specific cosmos Qi and Chen is the name of a specific earth Qi. From a Feng Shui point view, the characteristic of the Qi of 2012 is water.

In 2012, I had a client who wanted me to analyze her personal fortune. After I carefully analyzed her personal Feng Shui, I told her the she has a very good personal Qi that would lead her to a successful career. Also I told her that 2012 was a luck year for her because of the following:

First, based on the characteristics of her personal Qi, she needs a Water Qi to improve her career, and fortunately, the year of 2012 was represented by a Water Qi.

Second, since her personal Qi particularly likes the yearly earth Qi (Chen), with the yearly earth Qi’s help, Water Qi in her personal Feng Shui was enhanced, therefore I thought there was a good opportunity for her to get promoted in 2012. But, some other steps needed to be taken.

Not only we need to know the change of yearly Qi, but also we need to adjust our personal Qi and living/working environment Qi accordingly. If the yearly Qi is favorable to us, we can adjust our personal Qi and living/working environments Qi to maximize our luck, but if the yearly Qi is unfavorable to us, we also need to make adjustments to minimize our misfortune.

In this case, I told my client to make some appropriate Feng Shui adjustments in office and home. Following my instructions, she made some Feng Shui adjustments to her home and office. A few days later after I was back in Boston, she called me and said that she was just promoted to a higher management position.

From the example above, you can see how unique yearly Qi can impact on our fortune. Because the yearly Qi is so important, Chinese Feng Shui consultants are used to writing a yearly Feng Shui guide to help people adjust their personal Feng Shui to maximize their good fortune and minimize their bad luck. I will write 2013 yearly Feng Shui Guide soon.

Article by Lidong Yu

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