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How to Analyze Personal Fate Using Ancient Chinese Feng Shui Methods

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According to Feng Shui, each person has a unique personal Qi that circulates in his/her meridian system inside the body, and this personal Qi not only is a living energy but also carries all fate information about his/her life. This personal Qi was created at the moment he/she was born.

In order to analyze a person’s fate or your own fate, the Chinese Feng Shui master needs to collect fate information from personal Qi. How can we do it? Since the Chinese calendar was invented based on the law of Qi’s movement in the universe, it means that any time unit in the Chinese calendar can be associated with a specific Qi, so we can collect anyone’s personal Qi’s fate information by converting the person’s birthday into the Chinese calendar.

In the Chinese calendar, each unit of time is represented by two special Chinese characters, so a person’s birthday (year/month/date/hour) can be converted into eight Chinese characters. According to a Chinese fortune-telling theory, all personal fate information of any person can be collected from the unique combination of eight Chinese characters; hence, this fortune-telling theory is called “Eight Characters” (Ba Zi in Chinese), a well-known Chinese fortune-telling technique that involves rigorous logical reasoning.

In this article, I will briefly show you how I analyzed a gentleman’s fate by applying the Eight Characters.

Below is this gentleman’s Eight Characters:

—————————–Mater Qi—————- 戊 WU -e    戊 WU- e 戊 WU-e  丙 BING-f 申 shen-m 午 wu-f   辰 chen-e 辰 chen-e (Year)—- (Month)—(Date)—–(Hour)


1. Each column consists of two Chinese characters. Each top character is used to represent a particular cosmos Qi, and I have indicated the cosmos Qi by using capital letters. Each bottom character is used to represent a particular earth Qi, and I have indicated the earth Qi by using lower letters.

2. e: earth energy, f: fire energy, m-metal energy

3. WU-e in “Date column” is Mater Qi which represents this gentleman’s Qi himself, so it is the most important Character in the Eight Characters, and other Characters represent all kinds of relationships and events related to Master Qi. For example, other Characters may represent spouse, children, wealth, etc. In this case, there are two more WU-es, one is in “Year column” and one is in “Month column”, they may represent brothers, male friends and male relatives.

Now let’s analyze this gentleman’s fate:

This person’s Master Qi is WU-e, associated with an earth energy and the month in which he was born is the hottest month of the year – wu-f, associated with a fire energy. According to Eight Characters, we would say that this personal Qi – WU-e is extremely dry in the hottest month and urgently needs Water Energy in his fate. Unfortunately, this gentleman doesn’t have any Water Energy in his Eight Characters.

Also beside Master Qi, WU-e, there are two more WU-es, one is in year column and one is in month column. They are all dry Earth Energies and urgently need Water Energy as well.

What can we tell from the above analysis? Here are two things in his life:

1. Regarding to his marriage, I can tell that he doesn’t have a good marriage, even if he had one, his wife must have left him. How did I know it? Since his Master Qi is Earth Energy (WU-e), according to Eight Characters, his wife in this case should be a Water Energy, and he doesn’t have any Water Energy. Even if he had Water Energy, other two Earth Energy (WU-e) will grab any Water Energy from Master Qi, in this case, I use them to represent other male in his life, so I thought his wife might left him for another man.

This gentleman acknowledged that his first wife left him for another man a few years ago.

2. The Water Energy in his case not only represents his marriage but also represents his wealth. Since there is no any Water Energy in his Eight Characters, so it indicates that he has not been able to save any money.

Of course there is a lot of other information about his life. In this article, I only introduced one major factor that represents marriage and wealth in man’s fate. This factor is called Cai (财), which means fortune

In the next article, I will share a case about analyzing marriage information from a lady’s Eight Characters.

Article by Lidong Yu

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