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Nine Gong Chart and Family Members

Feng Shui for Your home – The Principle of Square (Part 1)

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Nine Gong Chart and Family Members

Nine Gong Chart and Family Members

During a recession, we should do as much as possible to get rid of any negative energies existing in our daily life. In good economic times, people often ignore or override these negative energies because they feel so good. Happy feelings supply us with cheerful emotions that promote healthy circulation of Qi inside our bodies. So powerful inside Qi weakens outside negative energies. But, in the recession, many happy feelings disappear quickly and we are left with outside negative energies. How can we set up our homes to minimize the effect of outside influences? Feng Shui provides an answer.

Authentic Chinese Feng Shui can be divided into two parts: Environment Feng Shui and Personal Feng Shui. Environment Feng Shui is actually a theory of adjusting universal magnetic fields (Qi fields). Ancient Chinese scholars discovered that different directional magnetic fields have unique universal energies that impact family members in their homes. For example, northwest magnetic field has mostly influential power to elder male in the family like father, grandfather; and southeast magnetic filed has mostly influential power to eldest daughter. Please see the chart indicating the relationship between members and directions.

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