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Feng Shui for Children’s Education (Part 3)

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3.    Kids’ Personal Educational Feng Shui

If you want to find each child’s personal Wen Chang position, you need to find out his/her personal educational Feng Shui direction.  According to authentic Chinese Feng Shui, a person has a unique personal Wen Chang energy field with him/her. This unique Wen Chang energy field associated with his/her birthday.  The following list shows you how to find your child’s Wen Chang positions: Note: We are using the Chinese year here, which starts usually in early February. If you are in doubt as to the correct year, just send me an e-mail with your child’s birth date and I will let you know the year.

Last digit of Birth Year     Wen Chang Position
1    (such as 1981, 91..)        North
2    (such as 1962, 82..)        Northeast
3    (such as 1973, 93..)        East
4    (such as 1984, 94..)        Southeast
5    (such as 1955, 65..)        South
6     (such as 1966,76..)        Southwest
7    (such as 1977,97..)        West
8    (such as 1968, 88..)        Southwest
9    (such as 1969,99..)        West
0    (such as 1980,90..)        Northwest

For example, if your son was born in May of 1995, his personal Wen Chang position is at south of your home, so you can set up an area for his study.  If your son was born in January of 1995, now his Feng Shui year would be 1994 according to Chinese calendar, so his Wen Chang position would be southeast.

You can set up your child’s desks at his/her favorable Wen Chang positions to improve his/her study.  However, locating Feng Shui Wen Chang positions is only one step to improve study.  You need to improve your whole living environment Feng Shui, not only just find one area to set up a desk.

Feng Shui is a theory that has gained wide use in America.   Even if you are skeptical about its principles, in our case, Feng Shui provides many options at your home to set up your kids’ rooms or desks. There is surely no harm in trying something new to start the new school year. Good luck!

Article by Lidong Yu

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