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Feng Shui for Children’s Education (Part 2)

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2.    The Education Position at Home

Chinese students have the reputation of being serious students. Not only do they study hard, but also almost all Chinese families believe in Feng Shui. They do their best to arrange their children’s study environment.

For our purposes here a very complicated explanation can be summarized in a chart so that your children will find a place in your home where they will be able to take advantage of the magnetic fields that promote good education.

This good study place is called Wen Chang Position in Feng Shui, or we can call it the education position. The following chart shows the education positions in the home:

Home sitting             Home facing          Wen Chang
direction                    direction                  Position

North                         South                       Northeast
South                        North                        South
East                          West                        Northwest
West                         East                         Southwest
Southeast                  Northwest                 Center
Northwest                  Southeast                 East
Northeast                  Southwest                 North
Southwest                 Northeast                  West

Let me show you how to use this chart to find out the Wen Chang Position.  If your house sits at north and faces to south, the Wen Chang position in the house would be at northeast corner, so you can have children study at that area.  If your house sits at southwest and faces to northeast, then the Wen Chang position in the house would be at west, so you can set up a west room as a study.

You can follow above chart to set up the child’s room or desk for his/her study at proper Wen Chang positions.  Wen Chang energy fields will help them study. But this chart only shows the general Wen Chang position of each house.  If you know a personal Wen Chang position, you will be able to set up a more accurate Wen Chang position for a particular person.

Article by Lidong Yu

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