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Personal Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, each person has a unique personal Qi that circulates in his/her meridian system inside the body, and this personal Qi not only is a living energy but also carries all fate information about his/her life. This personal Qi was created at the moment he/she was born. In order to analyze a […]

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Fengshui Make Money

Feng Shui and Wealth

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How can we tell if we are going to make a fortune in our lifetime? To answer this question we need to first determine whether there are the signs of fortune in our fate and if we have ability to capitalize on the opportunities.  Only experienced Feng Shui experts can answer these questions by analyzing […]

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In the Modern Feng Shui practice, there is a certain valuable Feng Shui adjustment activity that is often ignored. It is a part of personal Feng Shui adjustments, called “Lian Qi” by the ancient Chinese. Simply speaking, “Lian Qi” is a special method of adjusting our breath in order to improve our live force energy […]

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When an experienced Chinese Feng Shui expert starts a Feng Shui case, the first thing he would do is to ask the client’s birthday in order to get this person’s Feng Shui data. According to Feng Shui, each person has his/her unique Qi field which carries data such as personal character, marriage and children, etc. […]

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The purpose of Feng Shui is to improve our life in health, career, marriage and other aspects by adjusting the five energies existing in space, earth and human body. A good Feng Shui is a dynamic balance between people’s own five energies and the five energies of the living environment. People should take the initiative to actively […]

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The year 2012 is Chinese Dragon Year. “Dragon” is just a symbolic name for this year. In the Chinese calendar, 2012 has a formal name called “Ren Chen”. According to Feng Shui, 2012 is the year of water. What is the meaning of the year of water? In Chinese calendar, each year is named by […]

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2. The second step is to check out a person’s living/working environment and then apply Feng Shui techniques to make appropriate Feng Shui changes. The consultant will determine if the environment has good earth energy that produces good influences (we call good feng Shui) to clients, or the environment has bad earth energy that produces […]

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What is authentic Chinese Feng Shui? Chinese Feng Shui is a systhesis of classical Chinese philosophic, geographical and astrological knowledge. Its purpose is to understand our destinies and improve our lives. How does Feng Shui work in a person’s life? The first step is to understand a person’s destiny: According to Feng Shui, a human being […]

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Tiger:  Persons whose zodiac animal is Tiger may face some challenges in this month. which indicates that caution should be always considered with any decision. And it is better not to make any significant changes in your life. It is a good idea to associate with people born in the year of the Snake, or […]

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Most American have learned something about the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac and also about the practice of Feng Shui.  However, you may not know that the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac is a part of Feng Shui.  Each animal represents a unique universe magnetic power in control for a particular year; for […]

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