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Flying Star Feng Shui

Based on my experience as a Feng Shui consultant, I have created five steps in which to determine Feng Shui of a building.  One of the five steps is to check if there is a balanced Yin-Yang Qi field in a building.  The balanced Yin-Yang Qi field is good for its inhabitants because it has […]

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Recently I have had a new client, who is building a new house. She wants me to check the new house’s Feng Shui for her and her husband. When I found that their bedroom is located at northeast of their house, I told them it is a very good location for the bedroom because northeast […]

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2012 Flying Star Feng Shui

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We know 2012 is the Chinese year of Water Dragon, and the first day of the Dragon Year was January 23rd, Spring Festival Day. But do you know that Spring Festival Day is not the first day of Dragon Year from point of view ofFeng Shui? According to Feng Shui, the first day of Dragon […]

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