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Do You Need A Fish Tank?

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After I posted the article “Fish Aquarium and Feng Shui”, many readers wrote to me with further questions about the subject. This article will further illustrate how a fish tank really works in the whole concept of Feng Shui. Many people like to have a fish tank in a home or office. According to Feng […]

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Chinese Feng Shui Mascot

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In Chinese Feng Shui, the mascot plays an important role. Chinese believe that some mascots can bring good luck and an auspicious future, while others can prevent bad luck from happening. According to Feng Shui, we can use different mascots to decorate our homes and offices. They not only act as lucky symbols, but also can […]

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Golden fish is one of Feng Shui mascot figures, and a fish aquarium is often used to help improve Feng Shui in the home. Here are the benefits of having a fish aquarium and some of the details that require attention. As a Feng Shui mascot figure, golden fishes not only represent good fortune, but also when combined with […]

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3.    Kids’ Personal Educational Feng Shui If you want to find each child’s personal Wen Chang position, you need to find out his/her personal educational Feng Shui direction.  According to authentic Chinese Feng Shui, a person has a unique personal Wen Chang energy field with him/her. This unique Wen Chang energy field associated with his/her birthday.  […]

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2.    The Education Position at Home Chinese students have the reputation of being serious students. Not only do they study hard, but also almost all Chinese families believe in Feng Shui. They do their best to arrange their children’s study environment. For our purposes here a very complicated explanation can be summarized in a chart […]

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Summer break is almost over, and students will soon go back to their classrooms after the Labor Day.  Since many parents work very hard to refocus their children at this time of the year, it’s appropriate to show how Feng Shui relates to education. 1.      Educational Feng Shui Tower Any Feng shui analysis should start […]

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9-9-2009 shows three nines.  On this day, the number of people who get married reaches the peak in China.  Why? Because number 9 is considered very lucky in China.  If one 9 is lucky three 9s brings huge luck. All nations have their lucky or unlucky numbers.  Chinese have their favorable numbers as well, the […]

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