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Feng Shui for Marriage


When an experienced Chinese Feng Shui expert starts a Feng Shui case, the first thing he would do is to ask the client’s birthday in order to get this person’s Feng Shui data. According to Feng Shui, each person has his/her unique Qi field which carries data such as personal character, marriage and children, etc. […]

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3.    The best marriage relationships Each year has its unique earth magnetic energy that is believed to influence the personalities of people born in that year.   Two typical energies can be combined and converted into a stable energy.  In terms of marriage, it is believed that couples get along because the energies represented by their […]

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2.    Chinese Zodiac The next thing we need to learn is the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac.  As most of you know, each year in the Chinese zodiac is represented by an animal.  For example, 2010 is the year of Tiger.  Actually, these 12 animals are symbols of 12 kinds of earth’s magnetic powers.  […]

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Chinese Zodiacs

The first day of Chinese New Year in 2010 coincides with Valentine’s Day, February 14th, so it is surely appropriate for the first article of the year to be about Feng Shui for love and marriage. As many of you already know, Chinese Feng Shui has been applied to residential and commercial buildings to bring […]

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