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Feng Shui for Kids


3.    Kids’ Personal Educational Feng Shui If you want to find each child’s personal Wen Chang position, you need to find out his/her personal educational Feng Shui direction.  According to authentic Chinese Feng Shui, a person has a unique personal Wen Chang energy field with him/her. This unique Wen Chang energy field associated with his/her birthday.  […]

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2.    The Education Position at Home Chinese students have the reputation of being serious students. Not only do they study hard, but also almost all Chinese families believe in Feng Shui. They do their best to arrange their children’s study environment. For our purposes here a very complicated explanation can be summarized in a chart […]

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Summer break is almost over, and students will soon go back to their classrooms after the Labor Day.  Since many parents work very hard to refocus their children at this time of the year, it’s appropriate to show how Feng Shui relates to education. 1.      Educational Feng Shui Tower Any Feng shui analysis should start […]

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