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Bedroom Feng Shui for Health, Love and Happiness (Part 2)

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Bedroom Feng Shui

2.    Bedroom Feng Shui principles

In addition to the principle of a small bedroom, there are some common Feng Shui principles that help improve your health, love and happiness:

1.    Bedrooms should be square shaped.
2.    It is better not have bathroom in your bedroom; if your bedroom has a bathroom inside, use a screen to block the door of bathroom or keep bathroom door closed.
3.    Don’t place the bed in center of bedroom, and the bed should be always placed against a wall.
4.    If there is a beam above the bed, or ceiling lamp, or ceiling fan, move your bed away.
5.    Locate the bed so that it gets natural light.
6.    Don’t place the bed facing the door.
7.    The door of bedroom should not face the door of kitchen, nor the door of the bathroom.
8.    Don’t use a room in basement as your bedroom.

This article is an introduction to bedroom Feng Shui with some Feng Shui principles and taboos.  You can arrange your bedroom by following these common Feng Shui principles.  There are also advanced Feng Shui methods applied to the bedroom, however, we need to gain solid basic Feng Shui fundamentals before we can apply the advanced principles.  They will be described in future columns.

Article by Lidong Yu

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